Sharing Economy Service Usage In Vietnam

Traditional taxi business is killing by the new sharing economy taxi model 

since 80% have used it and 15% of them totally switched traditional taxi.

What are the key factors contribute to the success of this new business model?

  • Price: the most important once since 49% choose this service because it’s cheap
  • Coverage and availability: always available for booking and user no more have to wait for a long time

But is there anything that this new taxi service need to improve?

  • The service providers need to invest on improving their apps since nearly 1/5 users complain that the apps usually fail and they cannot book for a ride

Will sharing economy business model become a trend in Vietnam? And what service will grow the most?

  • Yes it’ll, since nearly a half of respondents intend to share their resource to earn more
  • Sharing bike and car will the main sharing economy business type in Vietnam