Refrigerator Market In Indonesia

Sharp is leading the Indonesia fridge market with 25% share.  

  • LG, Sharp and Samsung are the top brand awareness
  • TVC, showroom and viral are top awareness channels
  • Top 2 brand shares: Sharp and LG, leaving big gaps to the others
  • Good quality, trusted brand and electricity saving are the top brand choice reasons
  • Fridge capacity: majority are using 121 ~ 300 Liters
  • Purchase channel: Indonesian still prefer traditional sales channel to E-commerce
  • On average, Indonesia consumers replace their fridge every 4 years and spend $286 for each fridge purchase, of which, the most popular segments are $100~$300.
  • Majority are satisfied with their brand. Samsung, despite of #6 share, receives the highest satisfaction score.
  • Frosty and unable to deodorize are the top dissatisfaction points of Indonesian toward their fridges.
  • 70% will recommend their fridge to their friends, while 26% neutral and 4% will not