Airbnb Usage in Vietnam

Airbnb really disrupt hotels by winning consumers’ preferences over traditional hotels

1) Awareness and usage

  • 14% of Vietnamese Internet users have experienced Airbnb
  • Websites, forum ads play important roles in getting people’s awareness of Airbnb
  • Tourism-related websites and friends’ suggestions are the key usage influencers

2) Airbnb vs. traditional hotels

  • Airbnb is preferred to traditional hotels by almost all respondents
    • Privacy, Pricing, Flexible check-in/out and Locations are the top Airbnb usage reasons

3) Actual satisfaction?

  • However, 58% are unsatisfied with Airbnb services, only 29% are satisfied and 13% neutral
    • Top dissatisfaction points: Accommodation are not as described and inconvenient location
  • Following high level of dissatisfaction, 68% of respondents decide to use Airbnb in parallel with Hotels, only 32% will prioritize Airbnb
    • Among dissatisfied users, 92% will use Airbnb in parallel with hotel/hostels.

4) Usage behaviors

  • 64% of Airbnb-ers travel to Asia, 18% to Europe and 12% to other 3 continents
  • On average, Airbnb travelers spend 6 days for their trips
  • 77% Airbnb users travel with their family
  • On average, Airbnb users spend $683/person each trip