Skin care methods in Vietnam

45% Vietnamese women consider cosmetics is the most effective skin care method

1) Skin care methods

  • Among parts of body, Skin care is the most important (86%), following is hair (54%), general body (50%)
  • Cosmetics, Fresh food, Natural method are top three popular skin-care methods
  • 45% consider Cosmetics is the most effective method


  • Drink a lot water and Wash face regularly by natural ingredients are the best way to care for skin (85%)
  • Long term effect (63%), Easy to do (61%), Trust in natural method (61%) are top three reasons for using natural method
  • Slow effect is the most unsatisfied factor (85%)


  • Cleanser (93%), Lotion (75%), Nourishing mask (63%) are the most popular cosmetic products
  • Convenient (69%), Diversity (61%), High effective (55%) are top three reasons for using cosmetics
  • High cost and Skin irritation are top 2 unsatisfied factors

c.Fresh foods

  • Fruit (93%), Root and bean (78%), Vegetables (77%) are top 3 fresh food considered good for skin
  • 97% believe that fresh food provide vitamin
  • Inside effect (85%), Delicious (80%), Lasting effect (71%) are top three reasons for using fresh foods
  • 81% are fear of food that contains toxic substances

d.Functional food/ medicines

  • Inside effect is the most important reason for using functional food/ medicine
  • Vitamin & Nutrients (78%) is the most popular skin-care functional food/ medicine
  • Top 2 References before buying Vitamin E are Doctor (65%) and Friend/ family member (50%)

2) Vitamin E medicine potential

  • Vitamin E is the best supplement to help skin beauty (77%)
  • Not as good as vitamin E in fresh food (48%),The composition is not natural (42%) are top 2 reasons for not choosing vitamin E medicine
  • 74% are willing to buy vitamin E medicine if there is a brand solving unsatisfied factors