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TV Market in Thailand

Samsung (38%), Panasonic (18%), LG (18%) are top most used TV brands in Thailand

1)Awareness and Usage

  • Samsung (91%), LG (87%), Panasonic (85%) are top 3 well-known TV brands in Thailand
  • Online ads (85%), See many people use the brand (69%), Sellers introduction (53%) are key channels to raise brand awareness
  • Samsung (38%), Panasonic (18%), LG (18%) are top most used TV brands in Thailand

2)Usage Behaviors

  • Overall, TV 3D (37%), TV Led (27%) and Smart TV (15%) are top 3 most used types of TV
  • 32 inch is the most used screen size of TV in Thailand
  • On average, each family spend approximately $529 for buying a TV
  • Good quality/ durable (74%), Affordable price (68%) and High-solution screen (55%) are top 3 reasons for choosing a TV brand
  • Electronic center (59%) is the key channel for buying a TV

3)Actual Satisfaction & Future Purchase Intention

  • 91% are satisfied with their current TV brand
  • 69% will prioritize to use their current brand
  • 68% will recommend their current TV brand to others
  • Samsung (37%), LG (21%) and Panasonic (17%) are still the top 3 TV brand choices for buying in near future